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Feature Summary

Here's a rundown of the ESR1200's feature set and admin interface:

Routing / Firewall

  • Static and Dynamic IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP and DS-Lite WAN connections
  • MTU Adjust on all connection types
  • DHCP Server, lease time setting, domain name
  • DHCP Client list
  • DHCP reservation
  • Port forwarding for single or multiple ports with separate local and remote ports and TCP, UDP or all protocols forwarded.
  • Port triggering
  • Port mapping
  • DMZ Host
  • UPnP enable/disable
  • DDNS support for Dyndns (EnGenius DDNS, 3322, DHS, DynDNS, ZoneEdit, CyberGate)
  • IPv6 support
  • IPv6 passthrough support
  • Traffic monitor
  • Web monitor
  • Firewall enable/disable, block DoS
  • VPN Passthrough enable/disable for PPPoE, PPTP and IPv6
  • VPN Server for IPSec, L2TP over IPSec, L2TP, PPTP
  • Application Layer Gateway enable/disable for FTP, TFPT, IPSec, SIP and RTSP
  • Ignore Ping Packet from WAN port
  • Remote Management with user configurable port, No SSL
  • Static routes
  • IPCamera support


  • Enable/disable bandwidth control with two options, Priority Queue and Bandwidth Allocation

Access / Parental Control

  • Policies can be set per machine
  • Websites filter
  • Keyword filter
  • Application filter
  • Internet access scheduling

USB features

  • SMB storage sharing
  • Enshare cloud access
  • DLNA Media server
  • FTP Server

Setting up the router puts you into a wizard that you can't cancel out of. Part of the wizard is resetting the admin password, which is a nice touch. GUI response is pretty quick, except for the times when a reboot is required to activate new settings. Reboots aren't required for every setting change however; many changes just reload the module.

I noticed that the web admin autoredirects to port 80. So I attempted to set up some port forwarding to port 80 of my WAN for a dev web server, but the ESR1200 told me the port was in use. I went my WAN address and found that I could, alarmingly, access the ESR1200's storage sharing and IPCamera app with no password! This appeared to be a default setup and poking around didn't see an obvious way to disable it.

The ESR1200 home page is shown below. It provides some status information and shows a convenient device list. Since I don't use my router for DHCP or DNS you can see it didn't resolve the hostnames as some other routers do by using NETBIOS information. Note that the admin screen is has a fixed width over 1200 px wide and doesn't automatically resize for smaller screens.

EnGenius ESR1200 Home page

EnGenius ESR1200 Home page

I've provided a gallery of the different admin interface features below. Check it out or continue on for a closer look at a few key features.


Engenius gives you a way to remotely access your media files on attached USB storage with its EnShare feature. The EnShare app (available in Android and iOS versions) also provides access to some router and Wi-Fi settings. I was able to connect using EnShare and watch a few videos I had loaded to USB. The image below shows the home screen of the EnShare app on Android.

EnGenius Enshare Android App Home screen

EnGenius Enshare Android App Home screen

EnShare also allows you to see the status of your router and even do things like shut off Wi-Fi. The Router screen seemed to always force close for me on Android, so I wasn't able to get a lot of good sceenshots, but you can see the Router entry screen in the image below.

EnGenius EnShare App Router screen

EnGenius EnShare App Router screen

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