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Do High Temperatures Kill Hard Drives?

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Read more...Backblaze says temperature isn't the hard-drive killer many of us think it to be.

Space Monkey Reviewed

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Read more... Space Monkey offers 1TB of crowd-based cloud storage using a compact appliance. But it suffers from the same throughput limitations that other cloud storage / backup services have.

Are Enterprise Drives Worth The Money? Backblaze Doesn't Think So

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Read more...Cloud backup provider Backblaze says Enterprise hard drives don't provide higher reliability and has the data to prove it.

SugarSync Adds Unlimited Storage Product

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Read more...SugarSync has announced an all-you-can-store plan for business users.

iPhone App For Backblaze Is Almost Here

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Read more...Backblaze has announced an iPhone app for its $5/month unlimited cloud backup service.

Double Secure Cloud Storage Service Launches

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Read more...InfraScale has announced a "truly secure" file sharing service.

Pogoplug Goes All In On Cloud Storage

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Read more... Pogoplug has removed the storage limits on its cloud storage service.

D-Link Floats New Cloud-Enabled NAS

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Read more... D-Link has replaced its entry-level NAS with a faster cloud-enabled version.

Carbonite and Zmanda Clouds To Merge

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Read more... Carbonite is buying Zmanda.

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