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Symform Reviewed

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Read more...Symform lets you trade spare local storage and some of your internet bandwidth for free cloud storage.

CloudLathe Launches Private BYO Cloud

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Read more...CloudLathe today announced a new bring-your-own-storage private cloud product.

CloudBerry Now Manages Amazon Glacier Storage

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Read more...CloudBerry Lab has released a new version of its file manager for Amazon S3

Pogoplug Teams With Amazon To Add Lots O' Cloud Backup

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Read more...Pogoplug is using Amazon Glacier to revamp its multiuser storage plans.

D-Link Brings RAID5 To The Cloud

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Read more...D-Link has announced a four-bay cloud-enabled NAS.

AWS Wants To Store Your Data Archives

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Read more... Amazon Web Services has announced a low cost data archiving service.

TMT Investments Investing in Backblaze

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Read more...TMT Investments has invested $2.5M in to Backblaze with an agreement for more on the first anniversary of the transaction.

Dropbox Doubles Storage, Integrates with WD NASes

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Read more...Dropbox has doubled storage for its Pro plan and has cut a deal with Western Digital for integration into its NAS and router products.

Pogoplug Now Backs Up Your Family

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Read more...Pogoplug has introduced an all-household-device backup product.

SOS Backup Spiffs Up Its MacOS Version

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Read more...SOS Online Backup has updated its MacOS app.

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