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SkyDrive Gets Tweaked Again

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Read more...Microsoft has improved its cloud storage service in preparation for Windows 8.

Akitio Announces Hybrid Cloud, USB 3.0 NAS

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Read more...Akitio has announced a combo cloud-based NAS withi USB 3.0 direct-attach support

Pogoplug Adds Multiuser Product

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Read more... Pogoplug now supports multi-user features.

Go And Get Your Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop Apps Now

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Read more... Amazon now has desktop apps for its online storage service.

Google Drive Reviewed

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Read more...Google Drive is basically Google Docs with more storage, local file sync and an increase in storage pricing.

Google Drive: Yet Another Free 5 GB Cloud Storage Option

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Read more... Google has finally launched its cloud storage service, for reals.

A Terabyte NAS with Cloud Backup Could Be Yours

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Read more... A new Kickstarter project wants to make cloud backup cheap, easy and plentiful.

You Can Now Share Dropbox Files Via Links

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Read more... Dropbox has moved its send-a-link-to-share feature from beta to full release.


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Read more...Dropbox has revamped its look and feel. I like it!

Carbonite Adds NAS Backup

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Read more... Carbonite has added NAS backup to its Business service.

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