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Carbonite Tweaks Business Restore Features

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Read more...Carbonite has made some improvements to its Business service.

Box Announces Security Improvements

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Read more...Box has stepped up security and brought Intel in to help.

Pogoplug Is Still In The Hardware Biz

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Read more...There's a new Pogoplug box in town...

Soonr Reviewed

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Read more... Updated - Soonr is a relatively new cloud service for businesses who want the best of Google Docs functionality with Dropbox-like sync.

SkyDrive Gets A Makeover

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Read more...Microsoft has made its drive-in-the-sky service a lot easier to use.

Pogoplug Cloud Reviewed

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Read more...Pogoplug has long been known for its inexpensive devices that make the contents of a USB drive available anywhere. Is its new hardware-less Cloud service just as good?

Drobo Hooks Up To Pogoplug's Cloud

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Read more...Drobo has partnered up with Pogoplug to add personal cloud storage features to its network-connected storage appliances

How To Buy Cloud Storage - Part 2

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Read more...In the second and final part of this series, we survey some of the companies offering different types of cloud storage services.

Backupify Snapshot Reviewed

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Read more...Backupify Snapshot is a cheap way to back up your Google Apps account.

You Don't Need No Steenking Pogoplug Hardware Anymore!

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Read more...Pogoplug has finally joined the ranks of cloud storage providers.

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