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Pogoplug Mobile Reviewed

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Read more...Updated - Cloud Engines' new Pogoplug Mobile serves media content to your mobile devices just like other Pogoplugs. Only cheaper.

How To Buy Cloud Storage - Part 1

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Read more...Our guide will help sort through the many options for saving your files in the cloud.

Backblaze 2.0 Reviewed

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Updated - Backblaze 2.0 has improved backup speed and no backup limits. But it still might not be the best backup deal for you.

Get Free Unlimited MozyPro Backup

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Read more...Verecloud has announced a limited time offer for free MozyPro backup.

LaCie CloudBox Reviewed

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Read more...LaCie's CloudBox stores 100 GB of your files and keeps them backed up to the cloud.

Lots o' Storage Coming From A Company You Haven't Heard Of

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Read more...Golden Frog has announced the start of early access for its new cloud storage service.

Dropbox Adds Multi-User Service

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Read more...Drobox has announced a new version of its cloud storage and sharing service focused on groups of users.

Backblaze Now Backs Up Any Size File

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Read more...Backblaze has announced a new version of its cloud backup service that now allows unlimited file sizes.

Dropbox vs. iCloud: No Contest

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Read more... Comparing iCloud to Dropbox isn't really fair. But we did it anyway.

Backupify Announces Google Account Exporter

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Read more...Backupify has updated its Google Apps account backup tool and moved it from beta to general release.

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