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Get a Free Hosted Exchange Account For A Year

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Read more...Verecloud is offering 12,000 Microsoft Exchange 2010 accounts for free for an entire year, on a first come, first served basis.

Ubuntu One For Windows Reviewed

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We take another look at Ubuntu One using the newly-released Windows client.

Get 30 GB Of Free Synced Storage

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Read more...Transmedia has announced its new cloud publishing and storage platform.

Double Your Website Performance Via The Cloud

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Read more...Yottaa has announced that its cloud-based website performance optimization service is open for general access.

Polkast Reviewed

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Read more...Polkast provides quick and easy access to your PC's files from iOS and Android devices.

Centrally Manage All Your Cloud and Local Storage

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Read more...Gladinet has introduced a new service that unifies local and cloud storage.

The Rise Of The Sticky Cloud

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Read more...Big money is making the Cloud more possessive...and creepier.

Why People Prefer The iPad

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Read more...Given the choice, people will pick up an iPad instead of an Android tablet. But why?

CrashPlan Gets iOS and Android Apps

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Read more...Code 42 Software has announced iOS and Android apps for its Crashplan cloud backup service.

D-Link Announces Plenum-Rated Cloud Managed Access Point

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Read more...D-Link has announced a plenum-rated cloud-managed dual-band access point.

Minus Reviewed

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Read more... Minus is a free cloud storage and sharing solution that is easy to use. Too easy.

New Service Promises Unlimited Cloud Storage for $10 A Month

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Read more...A new cloud storage service has emerged from stealth mode to offer "infinite" storage for only $10 a month.

Get Throwaway Phone Numbers For Free

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Read more...Ring Central has unveiled a throwaway phone number cloud service.

Amazon Working On A Netflix-For-Books Service

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Read more...Amazon is reported to be in talks to launch what some are calling a Netflix-for-Books service.

SoftLayer CloudLayer Storage Reviewed

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Read more... SoftLayer's CloudLayer Storage is a no-frills, business focused cloud storage service.

New Pogoplug Lets You Make Your Own Mobile Media Cloud

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Read more...Cloud Engines today announced a personal private cloud device specifically aimed at media sharing to mobile devices.

Network Instruments Expands Cloud Service Monitoring Product

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Read more...Network Instruments has improved its solution for public / private cloud service monitoring.

Cheap VoIP For Any Phone With Google Talk

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Read more...Did you know that it's relatively easy to get free calling on regular phones from Google Voice?

Zmanda Adds New Features

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Read more...Zmanda has launched a new version of its Amazon S3-based cloud backup service.

B&N Says Sorry And Means It

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Read more...Barnes & Noble is giving $20 gift cards to customers who had their HP Touchpad orders canceled.

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