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Opting Out Of Cisco Connect Cloud

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Read more...If you want to opt out of Cisco's Connect Cloud, it's easy. But why would you?

Cisco's Router Cloud Goes Live

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Read more...Cisco has turned on the cloud features on its EA series routers and put out the welcome mat for developers

Google Buys Up Quickoffice, Gives Microsoft Agita

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Read more...Google yesterday announced that it has acquired Quickoffice.

CloudOn Drifts on to Europe

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Read more...CloudOn has expanded availability to Western Europe and Israel

NETGEAR Upgrades Router App With AirPrint Support

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Read more... NETGEAR's Genie app now supports AirPrint.

NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk Reviewed

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Read more... NortonLive's Ultimate Help Desk was much better than we expected it to be.

SDExplorer Reviewed

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Read more...SDExplorer is an easy way to integrate Microsoft SkyDrive into your local desktop.

Cisco's App-Enabled Plan For Home Network Domination

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Read more...Will Cisco's vision of the future of consumer routers become the one to beat?

Mount Your Google Docs Account Locally

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Read more... IDrive has announced a free app to mount your Google Docs on your PC.

NETGEAR Releases Free Router Control Apps

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Read more... NETGEAR has released router control apps for Android and iOS.

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