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Multimedia&VoIP Features

Can A QNAP NAS Replace Your HTPC?

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Read more...QNAP's HD Station is the best option yet for a NAS as HTPC.

Can An ASUSTOR NAS Replace Your HTPC?

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Read more...Updated - We take a second look at a NAS-as-HTPC, this time using ASUSTOR's AS-604T. It's a work in progress.

Can A Thecus NAS Replace Your HTPC?

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Read more...Thecus thinks its HDMI-equipped NASes can replace your HTPC. Our experience says it can't...yet.

Three Stream N For HD Streaming: Close, But No Cigar

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Read more...You would think that 80+ Mbps of wireless throughput would be enough for flawless 1080p streaming. But that's not what we found.

HD Streaming Smackdown: The Rematch

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Read more...HomePlug AV and 802.11n wireless have matured since our last battle. Will either reign supreme for HD video watching this time?

How To Build Asterisk Appliances On The Cheap

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Read more...Lots of folks like to build their own Asterisk boxes for SOHO and SMB VoIP. Michael Graves shows us the many inexpensive hardware options that are available.

What Is HDBaseT?

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Read more...We take a quick look at the details behind the new HD-over-LAN cabling spec.

Small Office VoIP On The Cheap

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Read more...It's easier than you think to equip a small office with VoIP-based service.

Cordless SIP Phone vs Traditional Cordless + ATA. Which is Better?

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Read more...Both can get the job done. But there are advantages to keeping things simple.

HD Streaming Smackdown: Draft 11n vs. Powerline

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Read more...You might think that the winner between these two "alternative" networking technologies is obvious. But think again.

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