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Onkyo to ship wireless USB audio transmitter

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Before you get excited, let's stop right here: Onkyo does not have on of the first wireless USB, short W-USB, audio transmitters. But the company apparently will offer a USB device that can wirelessly transmit audio streams from a PC to a home stereo system just in time for the Christmas season.

Full story on TG Daily

WiLife's Powerline NetCam System

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Read more...WiLife's LukWerks system is easy to set up and use. But Jim Buzbee would prefer that it not depend so much on Windows, IE and WiLife.

Fall VON 2006 Report: VoIP is Dead...Again

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The view from the Fall VON show this week in Boston is that VoIP's time as a profitable market has passed...again.

Linksys Prepping Wi-Fi Skype Phone?

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Linksys may be getting ready to join the competition for Wi-Fi Skype phones

Hawking Wireless-G Network Camera: Cheap, but You Get What You Pay For

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A wireless networked camera for around $120 may sound like a sweet deal. But Jim Buzbee finds that Hawking's HNC290G is definitely not.

First Test: SMC's WiFi Skype Phone

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Been wondering what's been taking all those Skype Wi-Fi phones so long to hit the shelves? Tim Higgins looked at SMC's WSKP100 and thinks he knows why.

Video Streaming Need To Know: Part 2 - The Real World

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In the final Part 2 of this tutorial, Tim Higgins finds truth and lies about wireless streaming.

Slim Devices and Infrant Make Expensive Music Together

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Slim Devices has bundled its Squeezebox and Infrant's ReadyNAS NV to go after Sonos in the high-end, whole-house audio market. Jim Buzbee looks at the odds of their success.

Hauppauge's Media MVP: An Oldie but Goodie?

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Jim Buzbee found that this media adapter covers the basics, but lacks UPnP AV and wide format support.

Video Streaming Need To Know: Part 1- Encoding, Bit Rates and Errors

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Consumer networking vendors are constantly pitching us to stream video wirelessly around our homes. In Part 1 of this tutorial, Tim Higgins looks at what it takes to mess up networked video.

D-Link DSM-520: Flexible digital media player with HDMI

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Jim Buzbee finds a lot to like in D-Link's HD digital media player, despite reoccurring hassles with MP3 files that have album art.

The ZonePlayer 80: A lower-priced option for Sonos fans

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Sonos takes a great product and makes it more affordable. Reviewer Jim Buzbee has finally found a wireless audio player that he will be sorry to part with.

Two New Twists on Skype Phone Gear

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These two products take very different approaches to enhancing Skype phoning. Ed Tittel and Justin Korelc put the Iogear USB VoIP Skype Calling Kit and TRENDnet ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Kit through their paces

Buffalo's LinkTheater mini: Too Little, Too Late

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A $100 networked media adapter handling music, photos and video sure got our attention. But Jim Buzbee found that Buffalo made too many compromises to get under that magic hundred dollar mark.

AOL TotalTalk VoIP Service

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After a false start, AOL rebranded and relaunched its VoIP service late last year, in the process making it available to not only AOL customers. Jim Buzbee checked it out and found a few rough edges...

Crowning the King of Free Talk - Skype vs. Gizmo

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Is there really room for more than one Skype? That's the question faced by Michael Robertson's Gizmo Project. Derek Boiko-Weyrauch put both to the test but found that Skype won't be relinquishing its lead position anytime soon.

How To: Building an Embedded Asterisk PBX

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The Asterisk open source Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX is usually set up on a standalone PC. But Michael Graves shows how the combination of a special Asterisk distribution and a single board computer can provide a compact, quiet and low-power alternative.

Quickview: Actiontec VoSKY Chatterbox

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Actiontec's VoSKY Chatterbox is supposed to let you conduct Skype chats without being tethered to your computer via a headset. But Tim Higgins found that he'd rather wait for version 2 of this little speakerphone.

Squeezebox For In Home Music Distribution

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If you want to listen to your digital music collection in your bedroom or in your living room, you don't want to have to fire up a PC.

Verizon VoiceWing BroadBand Phone Service

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Verizon thinks that upstarts like Vonage shouldn't have all the VoIP fun (and revenue). Jonathan Ghazarian takes a look at the company's VoiceWing Broadband Phone service and finds it to be a fully-featured, easy to use offering.

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