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CES 2013

Cisco Linksys CES 2013 Announcements

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Read more...Linksys is expanding its line of draft 802.11ac routers, enhancing their features, adding apps and announcing a single-stream draft 11ac USB adapter.

D-Link's CES 2013 Announcements

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Read more...Updated - D-Link introduced three draft 802.11ac routers, two network cameras and a new version of its mini portable router at CES 2013.

Seagate Announces Wireless Mobile Drive and New Home NAS

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Read more...Seagate just announced new mobile storage and NAS products at CES.

Qualcomm Announces Draft 11ac Chipset, Outs New D-Link Router

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Read more...Updated - Qualcomm has pre-announced routers from D-Link and Alienware using its draft 802.11ac chipset.

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