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Other Slideshows

CES 2008 Slideshow - Sands Expo

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The Sands Expo center at CES is always good for an interesting item or two. Here are some of the finds from my morning tour.

Slideshow: OLPC Unboxing, Tour and Notebook Comparisons

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I ordered my OLPC on the first day of the Give-One-Get-One (GIGO) and, as promised, it arrived yesterday in plenty of time for Christmas.

Here are some pictures and first impressions of the OLPC, in case you want to take the jump and get one before the GIGO program ends on the 31st.

CES 2007 Slideshow - NAS

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With miles left to walk and lots to see, there's not a lot of time to write. So here are some photos of new NASes we've seen at CES.