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IOGEAR Announces Wireless USB to VGA Kit

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IOGEAR today announced its Wireless USB to VGA Kit that enables up to 720p HD video streaming between a PC and TV or projector.

Linksys touts product greening

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Linksys today announced a series of steps that it has taken to improve its "green" image. The programs primarily focus on reducing waste in product packaging and ENERGY STAR product certification.

An RMA Success Story

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Read more...Sometimes the system works, even with a company as big as Linksys.

Hawking announces next-gen HomeRemote Pro system

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Hawking Technologies today announced that it has released the next generation of its remote home automation system.

Linksys adds LELA Mac OS support

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Linksys today announced that it is now supporting router setup for Mac OS X v10.4 and higher users with its Linksys EasyLink Advisor (LELA) Setup Wizard.

How To Reduce Phantom Power Use

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Read more...You can get rid of power wasters with the help of some new products.

Best Buy Testing Expanded Free Electronics Recycling Program in 117 Stores

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Best Buy has launched a test of an expanded electronics recycling program in 117 U.S. stores in the Baltimore, San Francisco, and Minnesota markets.

Monitor your Network for Free with Servers Alive

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Read more...A quick look at a powerful and free (for small networks) network monitoring tool.

D-Link Entering Digital Sign Market

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D-Link today said that it is entering the digital signage market. The company is demonstrating a 32-inch sign and two 10-inch signs along with its back-end content and advertising delivery system at Interop 2008 in Las Vegas. Pricing and availability was not announced.

IOGEAR GCN1000 PCPortal Review

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Read more...IOGEAR's IP KVM gets the job done for remote PC access from desktop to BIOS.

ControlThink ThinkStick USB Z-Wave Controller Review

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Read more...ControlThink's inexpensive USB controller can help you keep your Z-Wave network up to date.

Slingshot announces Prepaid Wireless Broadband

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Slingshot Communications today announced what it claims is the first prepaid wireless broadband access product in the United States. Slingshot’s prepaid wireless broadband service will not require a contract or credit check and will be offered in both prepaid and pay-as-you-go forms.

Linksys looking beyond U.S. market for growth

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DigiTimes today reported that declining market share in North America over the past year has prompted Linksys to launch plans to pursue other markets and bring North America revenue contribution to "below 50%".

Full Article.

Iogear adds PC / KVM remote access appliance

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IOGEAR today announced a self-contained remote access appliance for PC's and KVMs.

Read more...The PCPortal connects between a display and USB keyboard and mouse and the display and USB port on a computer or KVM server. No software is required on the computer or KVM and both Windows and Linux-based OSes are supported.

Home Control Need To Know

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Read more...Thinking of getting into Home Control and Automation? Our Need To Know will get you up to speed in a jiffy.

Virtualization for the Small Network - Part 2

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Read more...The last part of our series explores the performance penalty of virtualization and network optimization methods.

How To Connect Z-Wave and X10 Networks

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Read more...You can get your old X10 and new Z-Wave devices working in harmony. This How To uses an ELK M1G to bridge the gap.

Digi announces compact ZigBee-to-IP Gateways

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Digi International today introduced the ConnectPort X2 ZigBee-to-IP Gateway.

The product is a wireless gateway "about the size of a deck of cards" that links ZigBee/802.15.4 device networks with IP networks over Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections. The ConnectPort X2 is available in two configurations: ZigBee-to-Wi-Fi; or ZigBee-to-Ethernet. Both models are housed in industrial-grade metal enclosures.

The ConnectPort X2 features a native Python engine for programmability and also includes the Digi Connectware Manager network management platform which provides a one-to-many interface for network configuration and maintenance.

The ConnectPort X2 ZigBee-to-Ethernet model lists for $199 and the ZigBee-to-Wi-Fi version for $299. Availability was not announced.

Latest ZigBee Spec released

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The ZigBee Alliance today announced the public availability of the latest version of the ZigBee Specification and the certification of the newest ZigBee Golden Unit platforms which implement the ZigBee PRO Feature Set.

The new Golden Units are available from Ember, Texas Instruments and Airbee Wireless. These units have passed independent testing conducted by NTS Corp. and TUV Rheinland.

The latest ZigBee Specification includes the ZigBee Feature Set and the new ZigBee PRO Feature Set, offering product companies greater flexibility in using ZigBee. It was released exclusively to Alliance members last October.

"Golden Units" are used as a ZigBee quality control mechanism. They are multiple independent implementations proving a Specification revision and demonstrating interoperability for future ZigBee products.

Consolidate Control Using Logitech's Harmony 890 Remote

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Read more...We kick off our new Home Control section with a How To for using a Harmony 890 to control Z-wave devices.

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