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Five Days, Five Linksys E's Contest Coming

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Read more...Next week, SmallNetBuilder will be giving away a Cisco Linksys E3000 top-of-line dual-band N router and AE1000 dual-band N USB adapter bundle every day for five days.

Cisco Buying Design House MOTO

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Read more...Cisco today announced its intent to acquire privately held MOTO Development Group, a design consulting firm that develops products and product strategies for the consumer industry.

What I Forgot To Say About the iPad

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Read more...It's easy to criticize, harder to compliment. The iPad isn't all about disappointments and missing features.

The iPad is an App Killer

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Read more...Apps are key to making tiny smartphone screens usable. But with a full-sized browser, apps are more of a convenience than a necessity for accessing web-based content.

Subscription TV Plan In the Works for iPad Owners

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Time Warner and Comcast today announced plans to expand their TV Everywhere initiative to iPad owners.

The Dirty Little Secret of Today's Networks

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A power outage provides some insight into how fragile our communications infrastructure really is.

Fun With A Femtocell

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Read more... A brief encounter with a cellular network extender showed that some router firewalls are too aggressive for their own good.

CES 2010: SmallNetBuilder's CES 2010 Wrap Up

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Read more...Better late than never. Here's a round-up of the networking-related news that we didn't get to during the show.

CES 2010: Ooma Announces New Telo Features

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Read more... Ooma today announced new features for its Telo Voip phone system.

CES 2010: Buffalo Announcements

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Read more... Buffalo announced an iPod / storage dock, USB 3.0 ExpressCard and new dual-drive and Windows Storage Server NASes

CES 2010: Broadcom and Atheros Announcements

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Read more... Broadcom announced three 802.11n router SoCs and Atheros its first powerline chipset.

CES 2010: NETGEAR Announcements

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Read more...NETGEAR's announcements include a lower-priced media player, new 3G and integrated DSL N routers, powerline adapters, a unique "media switch" and hints of a 600 Mbps N bridge to come.

CES 2010: Sling Media Announcements

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Read more...EchoStar's Sling Media division announced four Sling products aimed at TV service providers, including EchoStar's DISH satellite TV service.

CES 2010: CES Unveiled Slideshow

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This year's CES Unveiled Press Event seemed to have a better collection of products than last year. And shrimp at the buffet, too!

CES 2010: Trendnet Announcements

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Read more...Trendnet's new offerings include three N routers, a green Gigabit switch and megapixel PoE IP camera.

CES 2010: Sybas Announces $129 Popcorn Hour Successor

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Read more... Syabas has announced a small, $129 open platform media player.

CES 2010: Promise Adds Dual-Drive NAS w/ DLNA Uploading

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Read more... PROMISE Technology today announced a dual-drive NAS that supports Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) UPLOAD.

CES 2010: Iomega Announces USB Drive Sharer

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Read more...Iomega today announced a $100 device that shares USB drives locally and remotely.

CES 2010: QNAP Announcements

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Read more...QNAP will be showing its new line of business NASes based on Intel's 1.6 GHz D510 dual-core Atom processor.

CES 2010: D-Link Announcements

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Read more...Update 2 D-Link is trying to beat the CES rush with announcements of new home entertainment and monitoring products, a " 600 Mbps" dual-band N bridge/AP and single-bay 2.5 " SATA BYOD NAS.

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